Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer : Masitah Binti Ghazali
    Noraniah Bte Mohd Yassin

    Semester : Semester I 2010/2011

    Synopsis :

    As a fundamental subject, this course equips the students with theory and practice on problem solving techniques by using the structured approach. Students are required to develop programs using C++ programming language, in order to solve simple to moderate problems. The course covers the following: preprocessor directives, constants and variables, data types, input and output statements, text files, control structures: sequential, selection and loop, built-in and user-defined functions, one dimensional and two dimensional array.

    Creative Commons License This work,SCJ1013 Programming Technique by MasitahBinti Ghazali and Noraniah Bte Mohd Yassin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
    • Topic 1

      Introduction to Computers and Programming

      1.1 Introduction to a Program

      1.2 Computer Systems: Hardware and Software

      1.3 Programs and Programming Languages

      1.4 Procedural and Object-Oriented Programming

    • Topic 2

      Problem-solving process

      2.1 Input, Processing, and Output

      2.2 The Programming Process

      2.3 System Development

      2.4 Pseudocode

      2.5 Flowchart

    • Topic 3

      Introduction to C++

      3.1 Variables

      3.2 Identifiers

      3.3 Data types

      3.4 Basic arithmetic operators

      3.5 Arithmetic Expression

      3.5.1 Mathematical Expressions

      3.5.2 Type Conversion

      3.5.3 Overflow and Underflow

      3.5.4 Type Casting

      3.5.5 Named Constants

      3.5.6 Multiple Assignments and Combined Assignment

    • Topic 4

      Input/Output operations

      4.1 Formatting Output

      4.2 Formatted Input

      4.3 Focus on debugging: Hand tracing a Program

      4.4 Focus problem solving: A case study

      4.5 Introduction to File Input and Output

    • Topic 5

      Control structure: Selection/Branch

      5.1 The if statement

      5.2 The if/else statement

      5.3 The if/else if statement

      5.4 The switch statement

      5.5 The break, continue statement

    • Topic 6

      Control structure: Loop

      6.1 The for loop

      6.2 The while-do loop

      6.3 The do-while loop

      6.4 Nested loop

    • Topic 7

      Function :

      7.1 Predefined/library function

      7.2 User-defined function

      7.3 Sending data by value and

      7.4 Sending data by reference

    • Topic 8

      Array : One dimension

      8.1 Declaration and definition

      8.2 Accessing arrays