Topic outline

  • General


    Lecturer : NORAH MD NOOR
    Semester : 2 2010/2011


    This course introduces students to basic programming language and problem solving technique. At the beginning of the course, student will be exposed to programming terminology, followed by a few phase of programming development and programming concept (such as compiling, translating and editing). This course will provide practice in designing program using design tools (pseudo and flowchart). A few ways of solving problems will also be discussed. Advanced programming concepts (such as selection, looping, function and array) will be explained using high level programming syntax. At the end of the course, student should be able to apply the knowledge and skill by developing program selective programming software.

    Creative Commons License This work, SPM2102 PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE I by NORAH MD NOOR & MEGAT AMAN ZAHIRI MEGAT ZAKARIA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Based on a work at

    • Topic 1

      Topic 1 : Introduction to programming

      • Programming definition
      • Programming history
      • Programming generation
      • Current programming language
    • Topic 2

      Topic 2 : Programming Cycle

      • Main phase of programming cycle
      • Design tools: pseudo and flowchart
    • Topic 3

      Topic 3 : Programming Structure Concept
      • Linear
      • Selection
      • Looping
      • Programming structure exercise using design tools (Flowchart)
    • Topic 4

      Topic 4 : Introduction to C++
      • C++ basics syntax
      • C++ program structure
      • Variables and constant
      • C++ Operators

    • Topic 5

      Topic 5 : C++ Programming Structure

      • Selection : If, If-Else, Switch Case
      • Looping : While, Do-While, For

    • Topic 6

      Topic 6 : C++ Functions

      • Functions introduction
      • Function declaration
      • User-defined functions
      • Built-in functions
    • Topic 7

      Topic 7 : C++ Arrays

      • Array concept
      • Array declaration
      • Two-dimensional array
      • String concept
      • Create and use string
      • String library