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    Lecturer : PM. Dr. Jamalludin Harun
    Norah Md Noor
    Semester : 1 2010/2011

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    This course is aimed at those students wishing to produce innovative web-based multimedia especially for educational purposes. The standard and compatibility of each multimedia component in web development will be highlighted. We will also be looking at how messages are effectively constructed on the web by reviewing design concepts and discussing successful web sites. This course also will give students a basic understanding of core design principles that apply to web design and development. Web project management, testing and evaluation aspect, issues and trends in web development, as long as publishing and maintaining the website will also be emphasize. Students successfully completing this course will have an understanding of the practical and theoretical issues relevant to web design and the online presentation of information using multiple media. 

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    • Topic 1

      Basic Concepts of Webpage

      This topic will discuss briefly about what is web page and a few terms like portal, CMS, LMS and types of websites.
    • Topic 2

      Web Development Process

      • Steps in developing websites
      • Design model and methodology
    • Topic 3

      Web Design Fundamentals: Information Design
      • Design Documents/Proposal
      • Information Structures
      • Writing for the web
    • Topic 4

      Web Design Fundamentals : Interaction Design
      • Organization
      • Navigation
      • Interactivity
    • Topic 5

      Web Design Fundamentals : Presentation Design
      • Visual Theme, Colors, Typography and Template
      • Layout : Frame, Table, Division, and other comon challenges in presentation design
    • Topic 6

      Basic Web Design Principles
      • Elements of Effective webpage design
      • The principles of web design
    • Topic 7

      Web Design Issues

      • Effective Web Design Issues
      • Deadly Sins of Web Design