Topic outline

  • General

    Semester : 1 2010/2011

    The course covers thefundamentals of drilling equipment, activities and operations such as drillingtools, components and accessories, types of drilling fluid and its properties, drillingfluid formulations and calculations, drilling hydraulics calculation, drillingproblems, formation pressures and its effect to the drilling operations, wellcontrol and well configurations.

    Course Outcomes:

    By the end of the course, the students should be able to:

    1. Describe the overall concept of drilling activities andoperations, types of drilling fluid and its properties.
    2. Apply the drilling hydraulics and its relationship to fluidflow and pressure drop.
    3. Analyze the problems involved during drilling operation, formationpressure prediction and well control.
    4. Differentiate various types of well configurations used in drillingoperation.
    5. Cooperate in teamworking to solve drilling engineeringproblems.

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    • Topic 1

      Chapter 1 - Rig Components and Drilling System
      • Topic 2

        Chapter 2 - Drilling Fluids
      • Topic 3

        Chapter 3 - Drilling hydraulics
      • Topic 4

        Chapter 4 - Drilling problems
      • Topic 5

        Chapter 5 - Formation pressures
      • Topic 6

        Chapter 6 - Well control
      • Topic 7

        Chapter 7 - Well configurations