Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer : Dr Alina Wagiran
    Dr Siti Pauliena Mohd Bohari
    Dr Salehhuddin Hamdan

    Semester : Semester I 2010/2011

    Synopsis :

    The course will cover historical aspect of plant and animal tissue culture, biology of cultured cells, design and layout of the cell culture laboratory, equipments and handling of the tissue culture. Aseptic technique, general safety, culture vessels and media preparation & sterilization will be discussed. Other topics will include cultivation of plant & animal cells and tissues and some important applications.

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  • Topic 8

    Introduction to Animal Cell culture (Chapter 1)
    At the end of this topic students will be able to understand a basic concepts in animal cell culture technology. This includes :general terms that usually use in animal cell culture, tissue culture applications nowadays, differentiate between primary cells and establish cell lines.

  • Topic 9

    Laboratory requirements and aseptic techniques (Chapter 2)
    At the end of this chapter students will be able to recognize all of the important laboratory equipments and its functions, learn how to have a good aseptic techniques when handling animal cells in lab and learn how to avoid or reduce contamination while culturing cells.

  • Topic 10

    Defined media and supplements (Chapter 3)
    This chapter discuss on the basic media requirements, types of sera that can be used, supplements that are needed by different types of cells and physicochemical properties that could affect cell growth.

  • Topic 11

    Primary culture, subculture and cell line, cryopreservation (Chapter 4)

    In this chapter students will be exposed in details about primary and cell lines culture, how to do the subculture when the cells reach their confluency. At the last part, students will learn about the biological of the cultured cells that includes the extracellular matrix, cytoskeleton, cell adhesion molecules, etc.

  • Topic 12

    Cloning and selection(Chapter 5)
    • Topic 13

      Animal cell culture application in technology (Chapter 6)