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    Lecturer :Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Mohd Ridzuan Bin Ahmad
    Prof. Emeritus Dr. Shamsudin H. M. Amin (Retired)

    Semester :  20152016/2 - Present

    Synopsis : 

    This course introduces students to the main aspects of the key technologies in the design and installation of robotic systems, automated work cells and computer integrated manufacturing systems, work cell support systems, robot and system integration, as well as safety design in robot applications. This course is practical and design oriented, giving emphasis on the design of robotic work cell installations in industrial set-ups.

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    • Topic 1

      Chapter 1: Introduction on Applications of Robots In Industry

      History of Industrial Robots, Industrial Robot Work Cells, Benefits if Using Robots, The Feasibility Study. Robot Application: Rule of Thumb, Examples of Applications, An Approach for Implementation of Robots, Safety, Training, Maintenance and Quality, Economic Analysis. 

    • Topic 2

      Chapter 2: Work Cell Design and Control

      Robot Cell Layouts, Multiple Robots and Machine Interference, Some Considerations in Work Cell Design, Work Cell Control, Interlocks, Error Detection and Recovery, Work Cell Controller, Robot Cycle Time Analysis, Graphical Simulation of Robotic Work Cells.

    • Topic 3

      Chapter 3: Welding

      Technologies related to Spot Welding and Arc Welding.

    • Topic 4

      Chapter 4: Spray Painting

      Technologies related to Spray-Painting.

    • Topic 5

      Chapter 5: Automated Work Cells and Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems

      The CIM Implementation Process, Making the CIM Process Work, Work Cell Design Checklist, Implementing Automated Work Cells, System Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving, Work Cell Support Systems, Machine Vision Systems, Material Handling, Part Feeding, Inspection, and Automatic Tracking.

    • Topic 6

      Chapter 6: Automated Work Cells and CIM - Work Cell Support System

      Work Cell Support Systems, Machine Vision Systems, Material Handling, Part Feeding, Inspection, and Automatic Tracking.

    • Topic 7

      Chapter 7: Work Cells and Robot Programming

      Work Cell Programming, Work Cell Controller Programming, Programming Sequential Cell Activity, Robot Programming.

    • Topic 8

      Chapter 8: Robot and System Integration

      Characteristics of Factory of the Future, System Overview, Work Cell Architecture, Interfaces, Computer Control Hierarchy.

    • Topic 9

      Chapter 9: Safety Design in Robot Applications

      Safety Standards, Safeguarding a Work Cell, Presence of Sensing Devices, Interlocks, Developing a Safety Strategy.