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  • General

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    Semester : II Semester 2 2011/2012
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    Genetics is the science of heredity. Various concepts and branches will be introduced. Topics to be discussed included Mendel’s Laws, the cytological basis of heredity and cytogenetics, biochemical Genetics molecular and microbial Genetics, genetic variation at the protein and DNA levels, genetic basis of recombinant DNA technology/genetic engineering

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  • Topic 1

    Introduction to genetics: This topic is an overview of science of genetics which includes milestones in genetic, DNA as the genetic material and levels of genetic analysis.
  • Topic 2

    Mendelism: The Basic Principles of Inheritance- This topic presents basic principles of inheritance, applications of Mendel's principles, testing genetic hypotheses and Mendelian principles in human genetics.
  • Topic 3

    Extensions of Mendelism: This topic presents extensions of Mendelism which includes allelic variation & gene function and gene interactions.
  • Topic 4

    The Chromosomal Basis of Mendelism: This topic presents the chromosomal basis of Mendelism. It includes chromosomes, sex-linked in human beings, sex chromosome and determination, and dosage compensation.
  • Topic 5

    Variation in Chromosome Number and Structure: This topic presents linkage, recombination, crossing over and chromosome mapping.
  • Topic 6

    Linkage, Crossing Over and Chromosome Mapping: This topic presents linkage, recombination, crossing over and chromosome mapping.
    • Topic 7

      The Genetics of Bacteria and Their Viruses: This topic presents the genetics of viruses, the genetic of bacteria and mechanism of genetic exchange in bacteria.
      • Topic 8

        Mutation and DNA Repair: This topic presents mutation and DNA repair of bacteria. It includes basic features of the process, phenotypic effects and molecular basis of mutation. Types of DNA repair mechanisms in bacteria will be also discussed here.
        • Topic 9

          The Techniques of Molecular Genetics: This topic presents techniques of molecular genetics which includes basic techniques used to identify, amplify, and clone genes; construction and screening of DNA libraries; the molecular analysis of DNA, RNA and protein.
          • Topic 10

            Regulation of Gene Expression in Prokaryotes and Their Viruses: This topic presents regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes particularly the lactose and tryptone operons in E. coli.
            • Topic 11

              Population Genetics: This topic presents the theory of allele frequencies, the Hardy-Weinberg principle and its applications and exceptions.
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