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    Prof. Dato' Ir. Dr. Zaini Ujang
    Semester II 2010/11

    A lecture of a water system for collection, treatment, and disposal/reuse of wastewater from individual homes, isolated communities, or institutional facilities. Decentralized systems is that of managing wastewater onsite, thus minimizing and optimizing the cost for collection and transportation of both untreated and treated wastewater. Advances in wastewater treatment and effluent dispersal technologies and designs of sustainable wastewater system.

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    • Topic 1

      Philosophy of Development: Man and Nature
    • Topic 2

      Community Development and Water Management
    • Topic 3

      Urbanization in Developing Worlds and Options for Water Management
    • Topic 4

      Decentralized Water Management System
    • Topic 5

      Small and Medium Size Water Management System
    • Topic 6

      Economics and Geopolitical Dimensions
    • Topic 7

      Case Study: Sewerage in Malaysia