Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer : Nur-Al Huda binti Hashim

    Semester : Semester II, 2011/2012


    This subject prepares students for advanced academic communication in English with emphasis on both written and oral communication skills. Students will be assigned projects that require them to look for and extract relevant information from various sources. In the process of completing the projects assigned, students will put into practice various skills developed in the earlier subject as well as skills in collecting data through interviews and questionnaire survey, integrating and presenting information (in oral and written form), managing time and interacting in a group. By the end of this course, students will be able to apply the skills to perform various oral and written activities such as presenting a project proposal, giving a briefing on the progress of the report and completing a written report, i.e. skills that are much needed in their studies.

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    • Topic 1

      Research Proposal

      Guidelines for writing research proposal.

    • Topic 2

      Report Writing: Introduction

      • Structure of Report
      • Background of the Study
      • Statement of Problem
      • Purpose
      • Objectives of Study
      • Research Questions
      • Significance of the Study
      • Scope

    • Topic 3

      Report Writing: Literature Review

      • Studies being reviewed
      • Purpose of literature review
      • Sources of information
      • Paraphrasing 
      • Quoting guide
      • Summarizing guide 

    • Topic 4

      Report Writing: Research Methodology

      • Elements in Methodology
      • Data Collection Methods
      • Evaluation of Instruments
      • Sampling

    • Topic 5

      Report Writing: Findings & Discussion

      • Processing Data
      • Presenting Data
      • Presenting Numbers

    • Topic 6

      Report Writing: Conclusion and Recommendations

      • Purpose of Conclusions
      • Element of Conclusions
      • Types of Recommendations

    • Topic 7

      Report Writing: Preliminary and Supplementary Sections

      • Title page
      • Letter of transmittal
      • Abstract
      • Acknowledgements
      • List of figures, tables, abbreviations, symbols, appendices
      • Table of content
      • References
      • Appendices

    • Topic 8

      Oral Presentation

      • Purpose of Oral Presentation
      • Types of Oral Presentation
      • Tips for using Visual Aids
      • Tips for Delivering a Presentation