Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer : Muhammad Mun'im Ahmad Zabidi

    Semester : Semester I 2011/2012


    • Principles of embedded systems design
    • Assembly language programming


    This course will introduce students to current hardware, architecture and elementary programming of microprocessors. Among the various topics covered are: instruction sets, fundamental software concepts, and interfacing microprocessors to external devices.

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    • Topic 1

      Embedded Systems 

      Fundamentals of microprocessor-based systems, identifying major components of computer systems, microprocessor operation.
    • Topic 2

      68000 Architecture 

      Register file, memory map, data addressing, overview of the instruction set, machine instruction format, overview of addressing modes.
    • Topic 3

      Assembly Language Programming

      Writing assembly language programs, assembly language statements, assembler directives, using an integrated development environment (IDE), basic debugging techniques.
    • Topic 4

      Addressing Modes 

      Register-to-register transfers, load and store instructions, register, immediate and absolute addressing modes.
    • Topic 5

      Arithmetic, Logic and Bit Manipulation Instructions

      Add and subtract instructions, effect of instructions on the status register, multiply and divide instructions, other relevant instructions for integer computations. Logic instructions, shift and rotate instructions, bitwise instructions, introduction to input/output operations, and application of logic/bit instructions for doing I/O.
    • Topic 6

      Program Control Instructions

      Jump and unconditional branch instructions, conditional instructions, making decisions and constructing loops.
    • Topic 7

      Address Registers 

      Introduction to arrays, address register indirect addressing modes, basic array operations.
    • Topic 8

      Stacks & Subroutines

      Principles and applications of stacks and subroutines, subroutine call and return instructions, parameter passing techniques.