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    Lecturer : Dr. Zainudin bin Hassan

    Semester : Semester 1 2013/2014

    Synopsis :

    This course introduces students to current issues in education and how teachers should critically find ways and means to overcome the problems. Discussion will be focused on the policy and management of educational organization, Vision and philosophy of national education, current strategies in teaching and learning, KBSM and Issues in school. Other important topics include the new government policy to reach vision 2020, such as NKRA, New Economic Model, Transformation Plan, and how national education will contribute to the achievement of the nation’s vision. Finally to evaluate various issues which need various methods to resolve from schools, society and government in order to enhance the quality of education.

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    • Topic 1

      Masalah Pendidikan Semasa
    • Topic 2

      Memartabatkan Profession Perguruan
    • Topic 3

      Memperkasakan PIBG
    • Topic 4

    • Topic 5

      Penggunaan Bahasa Inggeris dalam Pengajaran Pembelajaran
    • Topic 6

      Pengujian Dan Penilaian Dalam Pendidikan