Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer : Dr. Rudzidatul Akmam Dziyauddin
    Dr. Noor Hamizah Hussain 
    PM Liza Latiff
    Semester  Semester 1 2013/2014

    Synopsis :

    The topics covered in this course are Radio-Wave Propagation: Free-space propagation, effect of environment, types of propagation, common propagation problems. Antennas:Electromagnetic waves, antenna characteristics, types of simple antenna, antenna arrays, matching technique. Microwaves technique: Waveguides, passive components, microwave tubes, microwave antenna. Radar Systems: Pulse Radar, Doppler Radar. Satellite Communication Systems: History, Satellite orbits, look angles determination, Satellite system links, transponder, earth stations, Satellite frequency bands and bandwidth, Satellite in LOW and MEDIUM earth orbits, Applications: GPS. Optical Communication systems: Fiber-optic communication system, comparison between transmission lines, Optical fiber: total internal reflection (TIR), numerical aperture, modes and materials, dispersion, loses, Fiber-optic cables, splices and connectors, optical emitters: LED and Laser Diodes, optical detectors.

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    • Topic 1

       Radar: Introduction,  Pulse Radar: waveform, range determination - PRT, PRF, Doppler Radar.

    • Topic 2

      Introduction,  Waveguides: types, modes, field patterns, cut-off frequency, group and phase velocity, impedance.

    • Topic 3

      Passive components: Bends, twists, tees, cavity resonators, attenuators, circulators, isolator
    • Topic 4

      Microwaves tubes: Magnetron, klystron, TWT, Microwave antenna – Horn antenna, Parabolic Reflectors.

    • Topic 5

      Introduction, history of Satellite communications, Satellite communication concept: system link and transponder.