Topic outline

  • General


    Semester : Semester II 2010/2011

    Synopsis :

    This course offers students with a comprehensive experience in developing an educational multimedia courseware based on a particular topic derived from any subjects at the secondary school level. The development of this courseware requires students to utilise their previous knowledge and skills which they have acquired from the pre-requisite course. The standard and compatibility of each multimedia component in developing the courseware will be highlighted. This course also stresses on the project management, technical issues (concerning design, testing and distribution), the end format and the courseware evaluation. After completing the course, the students are expected to apply their knowledge, skills and experiences in developing a highly-presentable educational multimedia courseware.

    Creative Commons License This work,SPM4332 CD ROM BASED MULTIMEDIA DEVELOPMENT by DR. JAMALLUDIN HARUN is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
    • Topic 1

      Multimedia Courseware Development at a Glance
      • Categories of multimedia courseware
      • Phases in developing multimedia courseware
      • ID Models for multimedia courseware development
    • Topic 2

      Courseware Design Fundamentals
      • What is multimedia courseware design
      • What is the purpose of courseware design
    • Topic 3

      Courseware Design Fundamentals : Information Design
      • Discussion on an effective learning approach and strategy in enhancing students' comprehension.
      • Examples of applications of selected learning strategies in developing courseware.
      • Tips and guidelines on how to apply learning strategies in developing courseware.\
    • Topic 4

      Courseware Design Fundamentals: Interaction Design
      • Organization
      • Navigation
      • Interactivity
    • Topic 5

      Courseware Design Fundamentals : Visual Design

      • Visual Theme & Colors,
      • Typography, Template, Layout, etc
    • Topic 6

      Courseware Testing
      • Testing of the multimedia courseware
      • Types and approach of testing
    • Topic 7

      Courseware Evaluation
      • Implementing the process of courseware evaluation
      • Formative and summative evaluation