Topic outline

  • Topic 1

    Discovering What To Secure

    In this topic, student will learn what to secure, why information is important to be controlled like any other assets and why the process of information change need to be rigorously controlled.
    • Topic 2

      Assessing Risk

      In this topic, student will learn elements of risk assessment, role and purpose of risk assessment in information assurance, fundamentals of performing a risk assessment and the audit process to identify and track risks.
      • Topic 3

        Security Policy

        This topic contains the definition, rules and regulations that need to be followed to maintain a secure environment. It containts defnition of information assets, risks, and countermeasures, the structure to synergistic information assurance solution, the role and policy of information assurance process and the steps to design a functional information assurance and security management system.
        • Topic 4

          Maintaining Security of Operations

          In this topic, students will learn how to establish routine security of operation, create a dependable operational security process and learn anoperational response to incidents.
          • Topic 5

            Building and Documenting an Information Assurance Framework

            This topic elobrates the difference between policies and procedures, explains the information assurance structure and steps to document information assurance infrastructure
            • Topic 6

              Personnel Security

              In this topic students will learn the controls for the personnel function and the role of human resources in ensuring personnel security.
              • Topic 7

                Physical Security

                In this topic students will learn how to manage the problems of dispersion and diversity, factor the concept of secure space into a physical security scheme and construct a security process using a security plan.
                ¢Mitigate physical security threats