Topic outline

  • General


    Semester : II, 2016/2017

    Synopsis :

    This course introduces the application and theoretical background of basic discrete-event simulation concepts and models. Topics included the basic queuing systems, random number generation, model development, model verification and validation and result analysis. Students will be exposed to simulation model development using a simulation package. The course also helps the students to expand their critical thinking skills by experimenting with the simulated model for improvement.

    Creative Commons License This work,SSCM4833 - Discrete Event Simulation by NUR ARINA BAZILAH BT AZIZ is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
    • Topic 1

      Concepts of Simulation
      • events
      • discrete-events
      • continuous events
      • system models
      • Topic 2

        Steps of Simulation Process
        • problem formulation
        • data collection
        • model conceptualization
        • model translation
        • verification & validation
        • experimental design
        • documentation
        • Topic 3

          Activity Cycle Diagram
          • Determine the entities involve in a simulation process
          • sketch the activity cycle diagram for each entities

          • Topic 4

            Queuing Theory
            • Recognize basic queuing system in which discrete event simulation is an appropriate and feasible approach in understanding the operation of a queuing system with uncertain behaviors
            • Topic 5

              Introduction to SIMUL8
              • setting the clock
              • work entry points
              • storage bins
              • work centers
              • resources
              • work exit points
              • distributions
              • random number management
              • setting the resources
              • defining the routing-in and routing-out
              • Topic 6

                Using Labels in SIMUL8
                • setting the distributions to use for sampling work times,
                • to prioritize Work Items as they enter a Queue,
                • to control the image that is used to display the Work Item on the screen and length of the item,
                • to control routing out from an Activity.
                • Topic 7

                  Using Visual Logic in SIMUL8
                  • How to use the Visual Logic Builder,
                  • Visual Logic Command Browser,
                  • Where can use Visual Logic,
                  • Detailed information about each command,
                  • Object Properties,
                  • Math Functions,
                  • Functions
                  • Topic 8

                    Output Analysis
                    • construct logical discrete-event simulation models of queuing system using simulation package,
                    • implement computational experiments
                    • interpret the results