Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer : Fatimah Puteh
    Semester : Semester I 2010/2011

    Synopsis :

    The course focuses on the techniques of producing good spoken discourse which include public communication such as impromptu and public speeches, group discussion and negotiation. Aspects of sound and speech production will be introduced to improve intelligibility and communicability. Basic principles of oral communication and the importance of non-verbal communication will be introduced for effective communication.

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    • Topic 1

      What is oral communication
      Good spoken discourse in very important in getting our message across and to be heard and accepted. Oral communication includes impromptu speech, public speech, group discussion skills, negotiations skills plus aspects of speech production, i.e. pronunciation. The importance of non-verbal communication is also highlighted as it complements verbal message.
    • Topic 2

      Impromptu Speech

      Impromptu speech is a speech delivered without much preparation time given to the speaker. This module will give you insights on what impormptu speech is, how to plan and organise impromptu speech and how to deliver an effective impromptu speech.
    • Topic 3

      Interpersonal Communication
      Communication is the process of sending messages by a person and the receiving of that message by another with some effects and immediate feedback. There are three types of interpersonal behaviours: Assertive, Aggressive and Submissive. To be an effective oral communicator, one should strive to become an assertive person. This module highlights the three behaviours and their characteristics and how one can develop an assertive behaviour in oneself.
    • Topic 4

      Pronunciation is the way words in a language are pronounced. Good pronunciation entails effective communication - your message gets across, you will be heard and you will get the attention. This module highlights the ways to make your pronunciation clear, it enlightens you on how to make your pronunciation effective through the introduction of the IPA symbols.
    • Topic 5

      Language Reference
      Expressing numbers, time and even describing illustrations correctly is very important in getting our message across to the audience. In this topic "Language Reference" you will be enlightened with the secrets of saying them right!
    • Topic 6

      How many times have you participated in a negotiation and at the end of the negotiation you wished that you had done better and got a better deal? Negotiation is when individuals meet, discuss and reach a decision that benefit them through the process of bargaining, giving and taking, conferring and exchanging views and reaching a win-win agreement. This module will enlighten you on the approaches to negotiation, its process, the skills required and what happens during the different stages of negotiation.
    • Topic 7

      Public Speaking
      Public speaking is the act of delivering a speech to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner where the message conveyed should add knowledge and wisdom and even influence the attitude and behaviour of the audience. This module highlights the different types of public speech, the preparation before the speech and the manner of delivering an effective public speech.