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    Lecturer : Dr. Zaidah binti Rahmat

    Semester  Semester 2 2012/2013

    Synopsis :

    This course covers the principle and application of biotechnology in industry as well as current issues involved in molecular biotechnology. The course will introduce genetic engineering basically from the perspective of advantages, strategies and the products. Some of the biotechnology products can be commercialized will be discussed as well. Production of transgenic plants and transgenic animals will be discussed in greater details especially on molecular techniques involved. Subsequently the course deals with an introduction to eugenics, human genetic engineering and human cloning, techniques in gene therapy with its application. This course will also include an introduction to intellectual property, permission for usage, protection as well as benefits and relationship between biotechnology and intellectual property and current issues involved in biotechnology from various field.

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  • Topic 1

    Overview of Molecular Biotechnology

    This topic introduces the definition of Molecular Biotechnology, the products produced from uch technology, basic techniques used and its benefits
  • Topic 2

    Products from Biotechnology

    Brief discussion on some basic products resulted from application of Biotechnology as well as some which are unique and with deep impact to the society
  • Topic 3

    Transgenic Plant

    Introduction to the history, principle and application of transgenic plant followed by detailed strategies and methodology of producing transgenic plant, analysis and its stability
  • Topic 4

    Transgenic Animal

    Introduction to the history, principle and application of transgenic animal followed by detailed strategies and discussion on several common methodology for producing transgenic animal. Examples of such procedure to produce other animals apart from mice will be discussed generally

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    • Topic 5


      Introduction to eugenics, human genetic engineering and human cloning with detailed description of techniques in gene therapy including its application

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      • Topic 6

        Intellectual Property Rights

        Discussion on Copyright, Patent, Trademark and Designs in terms of owner's Rights, Usage, Protection & Benefits; Biotechnology & Intellectual property.
      • Topic 7

        Ethical Issues in Biotechnology

        Discussion on Ethical issues in human and embryo cloning, therapeutic cloning, GM products & animals
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