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    Lecturer Prof. Madya Dr. Edy Tonnizam bin Mohamad 

    Semester  : Semester 2 2012/2013

    Synopsis :

    This course is designed to enable students to evaluate, to apply and to analyse the relevant geological and rock mechanics principles in designing safe and economical rock engineering structures. In geology, the related topics on rock types/classifications, geological structures and geological processes are taught. Having acquired this knowledge, the principles of rock mechanics are then introduced mainly to highlight the relevancy of engineering properties of geological materials in designing rock engineering projects. These principles include engineering properties of rock material, rock discontinuities and rock stabilisation systems. At the end of the course, students should acquire the related knowledge and principles in geology and rock mechanics, and should be able to apply these knowledge and principles in designing safe and economic engineering structures in rock masses.   

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      Topic 1 : Weathering
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      Engineering Properties of Rock Masses
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