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  • General

    SME3252 Mechatronics

    Lecturer : Dr. Maziah binti Mohamad
    Semester : Semester x 201x/xx


    The course provides students with an introduction to mechatronics and its application in the real world. It will examine a number of key topics of mechanical engineering, electrical/electronics and computer control disciplines with an emphasis on the integrated approach. At end of the course, students should be able to define and describe clearly the term ‘mechatronics’ and its philosophy, relate the importance and contribution of mechatronic systems in industry, identify and describe clearly a mechatronic system and its main components, analyze and synthesize a basic mechatronic system and design simple mechatronic system. 

    Learning Outcomes:

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    • Topic 1

      Chapter 1


      a)       Course requirements.

      b)       Historical perspective, philosophy and concept, definitions, glossary, practical examples, world-wide implementation, mechatronic design concept, measurement system, open & closed loop control system

      See Bolton text: pg 1- 16

      mobileman       scorbotgrip

      Notes & materials on Chp 1

      • Topic 2

        Chapter 2

        Sensors, Actuators and Drives

        a) Commonly used sensors
        b) Characteristics & principles

        See Bolton text: pg. 17-49

        photosensors    rotpotentio        adxl105    lasersensor    encoder    rotvanect

        Notes & materials on Chp 2

        • Topic 3

          Chapter 2

          Mechanical drives, electrical actuators, driver circuits

          See Bolton text: pg. 141-158 - mechanical actuation
                                  pg. 161-184 - electrical actuation

          • Topic 4

            Chapter 2

            Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators, accessories and circuits

            See Bolton text: pg. 122-139

            pneuact    pneumrotact    pneuact1
            • Topic 5

              Chapter 3

              Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

              Introduction, PLC structure, programming, menemonic instruction, ladder diagram, input/output units.

              See Bolton text: pg. 444-448


              Notes & materials on Chp 3

              • Topic 6

                Chapter 3

                        a)    Input/output ports, mnemonics, timers and internal relay, counters.

                b) Specification and selection of PLC

                See Bolton text: pg. 448-450

                • Topic 7

                  Chapter 3

                       a)  Logic functions, latching, sequencing, timers and internal relay, counters.

                    b) Shift registers, master and jump controls, analogue input/output, selection of a PLC

                  See Bolton text: pg. 450-468


                  • Topic 8

                    Half semester B R E A K

                    • Topic 9

                      Chapter 4

                      Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

                      a)       Microprocessors family, memory, input/output.

                      See Bolton text: pg. 342-350

                      Notes & materials on Chp 4

                      Extra notes
                      • Topic 10

                        Continue Chapter 4

                        See Bolton text: pg. 356-360
                        • Topic 11

                          Continue Chapter 4

                          Microcontroller, selection of microcontroller,programming.

                          See Bolton text: pg. 357-375

                          • Topic 12

                            Chapter 5

                            PC Data Acquisition and Interfacing

                            See Bolton text: pg. 421-443

                            Notes & materials on Chp 5

                            • Topic 13

                              Continue Chapter 5
                              • Topic 14

                                Chapter 6

                                Mechatronics Systems case studies:

                                Robot system, lift control system and washing machine.

                                See Bolton text: pg. 501-530

                                Notes & materials on Chp 6

                                Article on 'Soft computing methodologis and their fusion in mechatronic products'

                                • Topic 15

                                  Continue Chapter 6

                                  See Bolton text: pg. 450-468