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    Mohd Fauzi Hamid

    Semester : Semester I 2010/2011

    Synopsis :

    The subject gives basic introduction to petroleum engineering. Students are introduced to various disciplines within petroleum engineering starting with the origin of oil and gas, reservoir rock characteristics, drilling, formation evaluation, well completions to production of oil and the surface facilities required.

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    • Topic 1


      What is petroleum engineering?, what does petroleum mean?, generation of petroleum, chemical composition of petroleum, petroleum products, fractional distillation, the first oil well, history of oil in Malaysia and production sharing contract.

    • Topic 2

      Geology and Exploration

      Rock types, parameters controlling petroleum occurrence, migration of petroleum, entrapment of petroleum and oil exploration methods.

    • Topic 3

      Rock and Fluid Properties

      Reservoir rocks characteristics, porosity, permeability, rock and fluid interaction, types of reservoir, and types of reservoir drive mechanism.
    • Topic 4

      Drilling Operations

      Types of oil rigs, rotary drilling, well control, drilling procedures, cementing operation, directional drilling, and drilling problems.
    • Topic 5

      Formation Evaluation

      Mud logging, coring, open-hole logging, cased-hole logging, logging while drilling, and formation testing.
    • Topic 6

      Well Completion and Stimulation

      Setting production casing, installing the tubing, installing the christmas tree, perforating, well completion technologies, and well stimulation.
    • Topic 7

      Production and Surface Facilities

      Flowing wells, artificial lift, oil treating, storage and sale of oil,and saltwater disposal.