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    Lecturer : Fara Diva Binti Mustapa ,
    Muzani Mustapa,
    Ahmad Rosdan Abdul Razak &
    Norazam Othman
    Semester : Semester 1 2011/12
    Synopsis : 

    Cost studies studies is one of the core knowledge should be attained by a quantity surveyor. It helps the quantity quantity surveyor surveyor to estimate the costs for a future projects based on several information. Cost studies is also useful and crucial among the construction firms/contractors to prepare the most competitive unit rate and eventually total construction costs for tender bidding purposes.

    This work, SBQ2423 Cost Studies by FARA DIVA BINTI MUSTAPA and MUZANI BIN MUSTAPA is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
  • Topic 1

    Ice Breaking

    'Cooking Class'
  • Topic 2

    Introduction to Cost Studies
    Importance of estimating in the development process; factors that may influence the accuracy of an estimate; tender documents and its relationship to the estimated costs and tender price

  • Topic 3

    General Components of Costs

    Development costs, components of building costs.
  • Topic 4

    Cost Elements of Construction Project

    Costs of main building works; Prime Cost (PC Sum); Provisional Sum; Rates and its constituents - labour, plants and equipments; on-going/administration costs, profit.

  • Topic 5

    Type of Estimation Rates - Unit rate, All-in-rates, Contract Rate, Pro-rata/analogue rates, new/agreed rates and day work rates.

    Managing Cost Estimates - Model Cost; Sources of Information, Usage of Data Cost; Cost Hierarchical Structure.

    Alternatives estimating techniques - Spot Items, Operational Estimating, Extension of Bills of Quantity, Prime Costs of Daywork.
  • Topic 6

    Estimating the Costs of Labour
  • Topic 7

    Estimating the Costs of Plants and Machinaries

  • Topic 8

    Estimating the Costs of Construction Materials
  • Topic 9

    Preparing Build-up Rates for:

    Painting Works.
  • Topic 10

    Preparing Build-up Rates for:

    Roof Covering.