This course provides the basic theory and practice of surveying to civil engineering students. Methods of establishing horizontal & vertical control for construction and design are explained and compared. Detailing for producing site plans, area and volume estimations, road curves geometric design are also discussed. Error analysis and adjustments are described. The concept of field survey automation and the usage of software are explained. At the end of the course, students are expected to be able to plan, execute, compute and analyse surveying works involved in establishing horizontal & vertical controls
and producing plans for civil engineering applications. Students should also be able to geometrically design horizontal and vertical curves according to standards, perform area calculations and volume estimation for earthwork activities in civil engineering.
This course will discusses the principles of stress and strain. Other than that, students are going to introduce with concepts of shear,  bending and stresses in beams. Furthermore, concepts and principles of slope and deflection are also included in the course. Lastly, they will learn about types of supports, stability and determinancy.